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How Tech Can Improve Time Management for Small Businesses

How Tech Can Improve Time Management for Small Businesses

According to research, business owners waste approximately seven hours every week on unproductive activities. There’s a time and a place for indulging in a mental break, but many business owners simply don’t feel in control of their time. This is a major problem when you’re trying to coordinate schedules, predict completion dates, or do anything else that requires a clear time commitment. If you own a small or mid-sized business, consider the following suggestions from RAMShard on tech innovations that are sure to help you regain control over your time.

Save Time With Tools That Streamline

The business world has exploded in recent years with an onslaught of tech innovations aimed at simplifying everyday processes. Some of these utilize cloud computing to store time-tracking data while others rely on artificial intelligence to predict and prevent schedule abnormalities. Most tech tools continuously generate data so that you can use the information, too, for long-term goals and innovation.

Most business owners struggle with time management within their internal processes, too, though. If you complete ten transactions a day, but each one will require 30 minutes to complete, you’re losing precious time to a process that should be incredibly simple. The solution is streamlining, and luckily, there is plenty of technology that can help you do this.

For instance, reliable accounting software makes it easy to manage all of your company’s finances and ensure that you get paid on time. It allows you to transmit electronic invoices to clients, thus minimizing the time spent creating a physical document. It can also store receipts and organize them into categories so that you can use them later when filing taxes. Tech like this is an innovative way to streamline essential processes, and it will massively cut down on the time you spend performing simple tasks.

Use Apps to Manage Scheduling

There are also apps you can use to manage scheduling for your business. If you have a staff who works regular hours, you don’t want to waste payroll funds by scheduling them inefficiently. To avoid this, you should look for a program that can optimize your staff’s schedules based on the ebb and flow of business demands. This can save you money, and more importantly, it can prevent wasted time.

Apps like this are especially useful for timing digital marketing campaigns. If your business uses Instagram for social media marketing, you already know that it can boost awareness of your brand, cultivate a community, and increase revenue. It does this by demonstrating your brand values and connecting with customers organically. Instagram traffic varies throughout the day, though, so you want to be sure that you post when it will get the most attention.

If you’re posting a story, you should also be sure that it’s engaging and inspiring. The best way to do this is by making it aesthetically pleasing, which is easy when you use an Instagram story template. All you need to do is choose a template, add the text of your post, and choose the color, font, and style of each detail.

Use Tech to Get the Most Out of Your Time

Whether you’re using accounting software, Instagram, or a time management app, tech is one of the most powerful resources for helping small businesses optimize their time. You can ensure that you’re using your time wisely by investing in innovative tech solutions and following the aforementioned tips.

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Updated on: 01/17/2024

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