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How to Setup a Custom ARK Map

Finding a Custom Map

Find which map mod you would like to run on your server from the Steam Community Workshop:

Identify the maps mod ID and map’s name from that page.

b. This Map’s Map Name is listed as Sumero_P

Note this information down as it will be required for the next stage.

Loading the Custom Map

Ensure your server is stopped, and any important data is backed-up.

Access your Files > FTP File Access and navigate to /ShooterGame/Saved/Config/LinuxServer/, then click edit to the right of the GameUserSettings.ini file.

Scroll through to find the section of [/Script/Engine.GameSession], and in here there’s the option ActiveMapMod=, you will then want to input the Mod ID that you noted down earlier.

Press Save and make your way back to the Root Directory.

Edit the file while in FTP.

Edit the line that has ServerMap= and put the Map Name exactly as you noted from earlier.

Press Save, and go back to main Control Panel screen.

Open up the Console, and press Start. Your server will now take time to download and prepare the server, ensuring that the custom map is loading, so please allow this some time to complete.

Join your Ark server and play on the Custom Map (Note that connecting may take more than one attempt as the map will be queued in your Steam Downloads)

Updated on: 10/30/2020

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