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How to Add an Admin to Your Rust Server

Granting a player Admin access on your Rust server allows the player to execute all Rust admin commands in-game. This can be used to ban, mute, kick players and more.

You can find a full list of commands at:

The available Admin roles for Rust are:

ownerid - This grants access to all admin commands, and can add/remove other admins.
moderatorid - This grants access to all admin commands, but cannot add/remove other admins.

You can add an Admin to your Rust server with the following steps:

On the server control panel, access the file manager under Files > FTP File Access
From here, navigate to /server/<your_server_identity>/cfg/
In this folder, edit the users.cfg file. If it doesn't exist, click "New file" on the side menu to create it.
In this file, each line is an admin user. The format is <role> <64_bit_steam_id> <reason/user>
Save the file and restart your server.

You can use this website to find your 64 bit Steam ID (steamID64):

ownerid 76561198058618388 "RAMShard"
moderatorid 76561198058618388 "RAMShard_2"

Updated on: 11/12/2020

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