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How to Update Oxide/Rust

Once a month, the Oxide developers update their product. Sometimes, Rust also pushes an update for servers, which also requires Oxide to be updated again outside of their regular update schedule. If you ever experience issues while connecting to your server, or you suddenly cannot see your server on the server list, the first thing to try before anything else is performing these updates, if the issues were not present before.

To update Oxide/Rust, you can follow these steps:

Login to your control panel

Stop your server

Navigate to Files > Config Files and open Rust Server Settings

4.Set Automatic Updates to Enabled, then hit Save

Return to the main control panel page and start your server

(Optional) After the server fully starts, stop the server again and continue with the steps to install the updated version of Oxide. Our guide can be found here.

After completing the Oxide installation, do not forget to set Automatic Updates back to Disabled, or Oxide will not be functional
Your Rust server should now be updated and ready to use.

Updated on: 08/03/2020

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