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How do I connect a custom domain to my server using Freenom?

You will need to already own a custom domain to do this tutorial. Freenom will allow you to have a free custom domain for up to 12 months.

You will also want to have a dedicated IP for this tutorial.

We will be using the Freenom Site for this domain linking tutorial.

You will first want to login to your account on their site. Once logged in, you will want to click on the services drop down box to the upper right. Then you will want to select my domains.

Once on your my domains page, you will want to select the manage domains option.

Once you are on the page to manage your domain, you will see many options on this page. You will just want to worry about the Manage Freenom DNS. Go ahead and click on that.

Now that you are in the DNS Management page, you will want to head to your server control panel and copy the IP.
You can either use Ctrl+C or right click and copy.

Once you copy your servers numerical IP address, you will want to head back to the DNS Management page.

You will notice that a box under the Add Records is there. That is where you can add the record so this domain will point to your server.

Now, there are many different types of records. Though we will just be using an A record.

This is where a dedicated IP comes in handy.

An A record is one of the most stable records you can use. It is also the most straight forward and easy.

Using an A record, you can either have a domain like or just

If you want to have, then you would want to put play in the name option for the A record.

If you would like your domain to just be then you would want to leave the name blank.

After you do either or of these, depending on what you want. You will want to click the blue save changes button.

As you will see, both of these will work.

Updated on: 07/15/2019

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