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How much RAM do I need?

This will cover some suggestions on how much RAM you will need for your server.
Though, if you do need more RAM in the future.
You are easily able to upgrade the server when needed. You can refer to this article for that. How do I upgrade/downgrade?

Vanilla, Spigot, and CraftBukkit

RAM suggestions will be based off of the player count and the number of plugins.

For every 15 players, you will want to add 1GB of RAM.
For every 10-15 plugins, you will want to add 1GB of RAM.

Now, if you have many players that are spread across the world. You may want more RAM than the 1GB per 15 players. As you need to factor in the world using RAM.

Each plugin is different, some will need and use more RAM, which others will need and use less RAM.

The more resource intensive ones, for example, are Dynmap, WorldEdit, Skyblock, Factions, MCMMO, and many minigame plugins.

For every factor, you will want to add up 1GB of RAM. So, just starting off you may want a 2GB server.

A 1GB of RAM server would be best if you just want plain survival with a small group of friends.


Bungeecord is different when it comes to the usage for the player count.

Typically, you can get away with 1GB of RAM for 300-500+ players.
Though, if you are running plugins on the Bungeecord server. You may want to look into using more RAM.

Here is an easy reference:

If you are using up to 5 Bungeecord plugins, you would be good on 1GB of RAM.
Though, if you choose to use up to 15 Bungeecord plugins at a time, you would want to use 2GB of RAM.
If you are using 16 or more Bungeecord plugins, you would want to use 3GB or more of RAM.

Bedrock, PocketMine, and NukkitX

This count is similar to the Java Edition requirements. Though for Bedrock, you will not have to worry about the plugin part.

For every 15 players, you will want to add 1GB of RAM.
For every 10-15 plugins, you will want to add 1GB of RAM.

Though with these versions, you may be able to have up to 5 more players per GB of RAM.

Modded Minecraft

For mods and modpacks, you would want to have at least a 3GB of RAM server. The reasoning behind this is that mods are quite resource intensive and use larger amounts of RAM.

Though, you may be able to get away with a couple of light mods on a 2GB plan. But for modpacks, you will want the minimum to be 3GB of RAM. Some modpacks even state a minimum requirement.

Updated on: 07/26/2019

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