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[PocketMine] How do I set a custom colored MOTD?

To set up your MOTD with color, you will need to know how to install plugins. How do I install plugins on my server?

For this, we will be using a plugin called CustomAlerts.

To install this plugin from the control panels built-in plugin list, you will want to be sure that you select the option Poggit for the source.

If you decide to download and install the plugin from the site, you will want to click on the direct download button.

There are two ways you can edit the config for this plugin. You can either use an FTP client to access the file or you can use the FTP File Access option on the control panel.

If you need help with using an FTP client, here is our tutorial on it. Getting started with FileZilla

Now that you have the plugin installed, you will want to head to the plugin_data folder. Once there, you will want to click into CustomAlerts.

Now that you have clicked into the CustomAlerts folder. You will want to click the edit button on the config.yml file.

There any many features that this plugin customizes. You can disable them if you do not want them.
To disable the options, you will want to set the custom option to false.

Now to set the MOTD, you will see on line 6 that is says message. You will want to keep everything that you add in the quotation marks.

Before Editing The MOTD

After Editing The MOTD

You can use different color codes and formats in the MOTD, as seen in the image below.

Here is a reference image for the different color codes and formats you can use.

Updated on: 06/11/2020

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