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How to Log In to the Server Control Panel

Locate your control panel username and password from the email sent to you or found on your Client Account.
If you can't find your control panel login details, check out our guide here: Where can I find my control panel login details?

Navigate to the RAMShard Server Control Panel login page:

Enter the username and password on their corresponding textboxes. Checking the boxes below these are optional based on your preference.

Stay logged in - check this box if you want to remain logged in to your account even after closing the control panel page or your browser. Do NOT check this if you are logging in to a device you do not own.
Allow IP changes - check this box if you access your account from different connections/IP addresses e.g. accessing from various places like your home internet, coffee shop wifi, etc.

Click the Login button.

If you've entered the correct details, you should not be logged in to your server control panel!

Updated on: 04/06/2024

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