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[Android] Getting started with mobile FTP management

For the mobile FTP management, we will be using Turbo FTP on Android.

Once you download this app, you will want to open it up. You will first notice how easy it looks to use. Which is why we chose this app. To make it easier for you to use FTP on a mobile device.

Upon opening the app, you will see to the upper left a three-lined button.
You will want to click on that, then to the bottom left corner, you will see a button called create a new account.

When you select the create new account button, you will see two different options. FTP and SFTP. You will want to select the FTP option.

Upon clicking the FTP option, you will be greeted with multiple different options that need to be filled in.

Connection Name:
This can be set to whatever you want to name this.

This is found on the FTP File Access page of your panel.
(Files>FTP File Access)

This would be your Multicraft password.

This would be your server IP. 
(Can also be found on the FTP File Access page)

You will want to leave this as 21.

Default Remote Server:
Leave as is.

You will also notice an advanced area, which can be left alone. There is no configuration that needs to be done there.

Once you have filled in this information, you will see a floppy disk icon to the upper right of the screen. You will want to tap on that to save this.
When you click the save button, it may close the app out. Just open it back up and select the FTP account.

Reference Image For Input

To connect to the FTP server, you would go to that side menu again. Then just tap on the FTP server you just added. It will then connect.

That is how you connect to your FTP server via Android. If you need further help with this, just send us a chat and we will be more than happy to help out!

Updated on: 01/24/2024

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