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Getting started with WinSCP

Getting Started

WinSCP is an easy-to-use FTP client. You can use this to manage your server files, upload, and download your files.


Connecting is very easy.

you can retrieve your FTP details by navigating to the Files>FTP File Access tab of the panel.

Next, these details need to be entered into WinSCP.

The first field in WinSCP is the Host Name. This will be the IP Address from the FTP Address field in the control panel.

The next field in WinSCP is User Name. This will be the username from the FTP Username field of the control panel.

You must include the numbers after the username as well or it will not work.

The next field in WinSCP is Password. This will be the same password you use to log into the control panel.

The last field in WinSCP is Port. This will be the port in the FTP Port field of the control panel (21).
By default, the FTP option is set to 21 on WinSCP, likely, you will not need to change this.

So, your WinSCP should look similar to this one:

After you input the details, you can click the connect button.

On the right side, you have your server files.

On the left side, you have your computer files.

Updated on: 01/17/2024

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