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How do I create a command for a scheduled task?

Why Would I Need To Create A Command?

Creating a command for a scheduled task can be handy.
This will allow you to create different tasks for plugin commands or one that is not already there.

Creating The Command

You will want to head to your panel, select the advanced option, and click on the commands option from the dropdown.

Once on the commands page, you will want to select the create command option of the left sidebar.

Upon clicking the create command option, you will notice multiple options.

Name: Name of the command
Required Role: Needed Multicraft rank (More than likely, you will leave this blank.)
Prerequisite: Command needed to be ran before (More than likely, you will leave this blank.)
Chat: What the message has to begin with in chat (More than likely, you will leave this blank.)
Response: What is said back to the user (More than likely, you will leave this blank.)
Run: Command (Ex: tps) You would not add the slash. Also note that if the command needs anything after the base, then that is done from the tasks.

After you fill in the needed blanks, you can click the big blue create button.

How Do I Use The Command I Created?

You will notice that is has shown up in the command selection for the scheduled tasks.

Need help setting up a scheduled task? Check this out: How do I configure a scheduled task?

Updated on: 02/23/2024

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