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How to Change Minecraft Gamemode

Minecraft game modes change the way you get to play and interact with your Minecraft world. These can also be very useful for server owners in order to manage their server.

You must be a server operator (OP) to be able to follow this guide: How do I op someone on Java Edition?

Set yourself as an operator (OP) or ensure that you are one.
Use the /gamemode [gamemode_name] to change your own gamemode or /gamemode [gamemode_name] [username] to change another player's gamemode.
Setting Your Gamemode In-Game

- /gamemode survival to set your gamemode to survival.
- /gamemode creative Steve to set Steve's gamemode to creative.

Below are the gamemodes you can choose from
survival - This is the default gamemode from Minecraft. In this mode, players can interact with the blocks, mobs, and everything in the Minecraft world.
creative - This gamemode gives infinite access to all blocks and items in the game. Players can fly and do not die or go hungry. This mode is ideal for builders.
adventure - This gamemode limits what the player can interact with in the world. Unlike survival, the adventure gamemode only lets players interact with objects like levers, buttons, and mobs. Players cannot place or destroy blocks unless using tools or blocks with special tags.
spectator - This gamemode puts players in an invisible state, letting them clip through and fly freely. However, being in this game mode prevents players from interacting with anything in the Minecraft world.

You can also change gamemodes via your server console. To do this, simply remove the / before the command and make sure to specify the player name that you would like to change the gamemode for. For example, gamemode creative Steve

Setting Gamemode Via Server Console

Updated on: 04/14/2024

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