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How to Use a Custom Minecraft World

By default, Minecraft automatically generates a random world when a server is started the first time. However, you can also change your server's world to a custom world, even one that you already have.

This is useful if you want to use your singleplayer world or a custom world available online on your Minecraft server.

How to Use a Custom World in Your Minecraft Server

Access your server control panel: RAMShard Server Control Panel

Stop your server.

Access your server files using FileZilla or any FTP client of your choice.
You can use any FTP client to access your server files. For this tutorial, we're using FileZilla: Getting Started with FileZilla

Upload the entire folder of your custom world into your server directory.
For Java Edition servers, upload it to the root directory of the server. The root directory is the same location where the
For Bedrock/Pocket Edition servers, upload your custom world inside the worlds folder.

On your control panel, change the World option to the same name as your custom world's folder.

For this tutorial our custom world folder is named custom-world so this will be the same name we will be entering in the textbox.

Save the changes and start your server.

Updated on: 03/17/2024

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