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How do I create an extra port?

Some mods and plugins require additional ports to run. This guide will show you how to create additional ports for you to use.

Each server can only have a maximum of three (3) additional ports.

Access your server control panel: RAMShard Server Control Panel.

From the side menu of your control panel, navigate to Advanced > Additional Ports.

On the Additional Ports page, click Add Port.

A new port will be created for you and will appear listed on the Additional Ports page.

How to Delete an Additional Port

If a port is no longer in use or you wish to generate a new port, you can delete this from the Additional Ports page.

Click on the Remove option next to the port you wish to delete.

A pop-up will appear to confirm your action. Click OK to proceed with the deletion.

Updated on: 01/24/2024

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