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How do I give someone else access to my server control panel?

If the other person does not already have a control panel account, open a chat with the email address you want for the additional account and we will get the account created for you.

Log into the control panel and navigate to the Advanced>Users tab in the sidebar

Search for the email address or username of the other user's account in the Username box and hit enter

Choose the role you want for the user depending on the level of access you want them to have

Multicraft Roles

No Access (The server will not be visible in their list and they have no access to it)
Guest (Allows them to see the server in their list and who's online)
User (Allows them to use the chat interface)
Moderator (Allows them to read the server log and chat)
Super Moderator (Allows them to use the console, chat, stop, start, and restart)
Administrator (Allows them to do everything the server owner can do)
Co-Owner (Allows someone else to co-own the server with you, full permissions)

FTP Access

No Access (They will have no access to the server files)
Read Access (Allows them to view and download files, but they can make no changes or upload files)
Full Access (Allows them to make changes, upload, and download files)

That's it! The user now has access to your server control panel.

Additional accounts will have access to your server control panel immediately after they are added.

Updated on: 02/23/2024

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