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How do I use the subdomain creator to set up a subdomain?

Navigate to

Enter your email address in the email box

Choose Minecraft (Java Edition) or Pocket Edition in the Service Type dropdown menu depending on what kind of server you're running

Enter your server IP in the Server IP box
The server IP is only the numbers before the : and will not include the numbers after it

Enter your server port in the Port box
This is the numbers after the :
If you have a dedicated IP (the default port), nothing will be shown after the numbers in the control panel (if you have a default Java Edition port). The default port for Java Edition is 25565 and 19132 for Pocket Edition.

Enter the name you want for your subdomain in the Server Name box
This is the part before the ending such as For example, if you put myserver here it would be

Select the ending you want in the Zone/Domain dropdown menu

Click create

That's it! Your subdomain has now been set up.

Your subdomain should start working immediately but in some cases it may take slightly longer. If your subdomain is not working after 24 hours, please contact us.

Updated on: 08/06/2020

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