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How to Get a Minecraft World Seed

A World Seed is a set of characters that Minecraft uses to generate a world.

When you know a world's seed, you can use this to recreate the world in your Minecraft server or singleplayer. So if you have a randomly generated world that you really like or want to reuse, it is helpful to know how to get the world seed.

World Seeds can be used on both Java and Bedrock Editions of Minecraft with differences between where structures are located.

Getting World Seed on Minecraft Java Edition


On your server console, use the seed command.

You may also use the /seed command in-game. However, you will need to be a server operator to use this command.

Learn how to be a server operator: How to OP a Player on Minecraft Java


While in-game, press t to open the chat then send the /seed command.

Getting World Seed on Minecraft Bedrock Edition


While in-game, press the ESC key on your keyboard to open the game options window.

Click Settings.

Under the World section of the settings, click the Game option.

On the right-side of the Game settings, scroll down and locate the Seed item.

Updated on: 04/29/2024

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