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How do I change the difficulty on my server?

There are multiple levels of difficulty in Minecraft that you can choose from.
This is quite easy to set. You will need to head to your control panel to set this.

You will want to locate the left sidebar menu. From there you will want to select the files button and select config files.

Once you are in the config files section, you will want to click on the server settings option.

Then you will want to locate the difficulty option, you will then see a drop down box. Click on that and select the difficulty you want.

Upon selecting what you want, you will want to scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the save button.
Now reboot your server for this to take effect.

Below is a brief summary of what each mode is.


Peaceful mode is active when difficulty=0 or difficulty=peaceful. Hostile mobs spawn if spawn-monsters is true, but they are removed immediately. You can easily disable that by setting it to false. Though, there is no need if you do not feel like doing that. You will be safe from attacks in this mode


Easy is the default difficulty and is active when difficulty=1 or difficulty=easy. Hostile mobs do not have as much health and also cause less damage, while creepers have a smaller detection radius. So, you won't have to worry about those pesky things as much!


Normal mode is active when difficulty=2 or difficulty=normal. Health and food are used greater. The hostile mods have a normal amount of health. Which also means they deal a normal amount of damage.


Hard mode is active when difficulty=3 or difficulty=hard. Hostile mobs will deal greater damage and have a slight health increase. Creepers have a greater detection radius for triggering their attacks. You will want to be careful when you see a creeper.


Hardcore mode is mode when you launch a world with hardcore=true, you will lose the ability to change the difficulty of which the server is set in and lose the ability to respawn in the server world set after death. So, don't die

So, how can I enable hardcore?

This can be set from the server settings page as well. You would want to find where it says hardcore.


You will now want to change false to true.


Once that is set, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the big blue save button.

You will want to also set a new world name. As you need to use a new world for hardcore mode.
This can be set from the home page of your control panel in the world option.

You will then want to hit the blue save button.

That is how you set all the different difficulties and hardcore mode! Please just let us know if you need any further help with this!

Updated on: 07/26/2019

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