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How do I import a world with Multiverse-Core?

If you do not have Multiverse-Core already installed, there are two ways you can install it. From our plugin list and via FTP. Both ways are covered in this article. How do I install plugins on my server?

You are able to import from the console or from in-game. The base command is mv import for the console. The base command for in-game is /mv import. As console commands cannot have a slash.

You will need to know how to upload a world. If you need help, please refer to this article. How do I use my own world?

Once you have your world uploaded to the server. You can either use the console or do this from in-game, as stated.

Base Command

You will want to import the world under the correct generator. If it is a normal world, then you would put normal. If it is a nether world, you would put nether. If the world has a certain generator, like a skyblock world. You would put CleanRoomGenerator.

Once you have that figured out, you can proceed with the import. You would want to type in /mv import <worldname> normal from in-game. If you are doing this from the console, you would want to put mv import <worldname> normal.

Once you do this successfully, you will see that it will start to generate the world in. As seen in the picture below.

Once it is finished, you will see a variant of the following (depending on your world name and the time):

[Server] INFO Loaded 441 spawn chunks for world Lobby
[Server] INFO Time elapsed: 22722 ms
[Server] INFO CONSOLE: Complete!

Once the world is imported in, you can now teleport to it. This is done from in-game with the command /mv tp <world>.

If you need further help with this, do not hesitate to ask us!

Updated on: 06/11/2020

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