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How to Install Plugins on a Minecraft Server

Plugins are modifications that changes various aspects of Minecraft, from adding better permissions systems to blocks and storages, adding various new items and pets to your server, and many more!

Before installing plugins, you need to make sure that you are running a Minecraft server type that supports plugins such as Craftbukkit, Spigot, and Paper for Java Edition and PocketMine for Bedrock Edition.

This guide will show you how to manually install plugins into your Minecraft server.

This guide assumes that you already have the plugin JAR file downloaded and ready on your computer.

If you have a RAMShard server, you can also use our Plugin List feature to automatically install plugins in just a few clicks which we have a guide for here: Automatically Install Plugins on Your Minecraft Server

How to Manually Install Plugins on Your Minecraft Server

Access your server control panel: RAMShard Server Control Panel

From the side menu of your control panel, navigate to Files > FTP File Access.

Enter your control panel password in the Multicraft Password textbox. Then, click Login.

Navigate to the plugins folder.

From the left sidebar, click Upload

Under the Files section, click Choose File then select the plugin JAR file from your computer.

If the plugin file is greater than 16 MB, you will need to use an FTP client to install instead: Getting Started with FileZilla

Once you have selected the plugin file(s) you want to upload, click Submit to begin the upload.

You should see messages similar to the ones shown below when the upload is successful.

Restart the server for the plugin and its configuration files to load.

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Updated on: 06/13/2024

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