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How Do I Use Multiverse-Core?

Getting Started

Multiverse-Core is a multiple world management plugin. It is used to teleport between worlds, create new worlds, and delete worlds.

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The key commands in this plugin will be the ones to create and teleport between worlds.

Key commands:
/mv create {NAME} {ENV} -s [SEED] -g [GENERATOR[:ID]]

/mv tp [PLAYER] {WORLD}

/mv delete {WORLD}

Creating A World

/mv create {NAME} {ENV} -s [SEED] -g [GENERATOR[:ID]]

Now, if you break down this command. You will notice that the {NAME} is the name of the world.

You also have the option to to enter a seed and a specific generator. If you have custom generators, you can use those in that place as well.
More information here on custom generator plugins:

For example, to create a regular new world. You would do this command:
/mv create world -g NORMAL

The part world is the name of the world and the NORMAL is the generator for a normal world. Adding -g makes it use the generator.

Though if you had a certain seed, you can add that in too. The command would look similar to this one:
/mv create world -s -1234567890 -g NORMAL

That would make the generator to be a normal world type and have a custom seed for the world to use to be generated with.

Teleportation Between Worlds

/mv tp [PLAYER] {WORLD}

Using this command is very simple. To send other players, you would do:
/mv tp playername worldname

Though if you use it to teleport yourself, you can just do:
/mv tp worldname

Deleting A World

/mv delete {WORLD}

This is a simple way to delete world files. It will delete the world file from your server files and remove it from the Multiverse config files.

For example, you would do:
/mv delete worldname

Updated on: 06/11/2020

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