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How do I change the WorldEdit wand?

Getting Started

Changing the WorldEdit wand is very simple and quite useful if you need to use the wooden axe for gameplay or other plugins.

To change the WorldEdit wand, you will need to go into the configuration file and set it to a different ID.

Changing The Config

You will want to head to the Files drop down tab, then select FTP File Access.
Once in the FTP File Access, click into the plugins folder, then click into the WorldEdit folder.
You will want to edit the config.yml file. Then scroll down to line 145.

As you see, it is by default the wooden axe. Though if you want to set it to a less used item, say a dead bush.
Just replace minecraft:wooden_axe with minecraft:deadbush. As seen here:

After you set that, click save, and then restart the server. Though if you want to toggle your wand, to disable it.
Then just do this command, //toggleeditwand.

Updated on: 12/30/2020

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