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How do I setup PermissionsEx?

PermissionsEx is one of the few plugins that will work on newer versions of Minecraft, even though it is not updated for it.

Starting off with PermissionsEX, there are two ways you can configure the plugin.
You are able to do this from in-game / console commands.
This can also be done from the config files. Though with the config files, you will need to be sure all the spacing and formatting is correct.
Configuring the plugin from in-game or from the console will save the hassle of spacing and formatting.
You can see all the correct formatting from the premade config file that we have provided at the bottom.

If you do not know how to install plugins, you can refer to this article. How do I install plugins on my server?

This plugin can be manually installed or from our plugin page.

PermissionsEx link:

Something to note about PermissionsEx. If you are wanting to give all permissions to one group. Then you would give the * permission.
This plugin also uses inheritance, so that means if you have a vip group, you will not have to add each permission from the default group to the vip group.

Once you get PermissionsEx installed, if you plan on managing the plugin from in-game you will need to give your username the * permission.

To do this, you can use the following command in the console. Remember for console commands, you cannot add a slash.

pex user <username> add *

This will grant all permissions, as stated. Though, this will also grant all PermissionsEx permissions.
Once you have given your user this permission, you can head into the server and start the setup process.

Creating A Default Group

Firstly, you will want to start with a default group. You will need to create a group first.

/pex group <groupname> create

That will create the group, now to set it as the default group you will want to do the following command.

/pex set default group <groupname> true

This will set the default group to the group of your choice.

Basic Permissions Setup

Now that you have a group created, you can start with adding permission nodes. Usually, permission nodes for plugins are found on the Spigot or Bukkit page. Often times, many plugins will have a wiki link that has these listed.

To add a permission to a group, you will want to use this command below. This is the command you will want to use when adding any permission to any group.

/pex group <groupname> add <permission>

For example, if you wanted to give the group the permission for /spawn with EssentialsX you would do the following:
/pex group <groupname> add essentials.spawn

You will want to add all the permissions you want for the default group to have using this method.

Setting Up Inheritance With Groups

As stated in the first part of this, PermissionsEx uses inheritance for sharing permissions.

This is quite easy to setup. When you create the group, you would just need to add an extra option to the command.

/pex group <group> create [parents]

In the [parents] option, you would just replace that with the group you want it to use permissions from.
You can use a single comma to separate these if it is multiple groups you want it to have.

So, to add the default group to our vip group, you would do the following.

/pex group vip create default

What happens if you forget to add the inheritance when creating? You can simply add it in either from the config as seen at the bottom or with another command.

/pex group <groupname> parents set <parents>

Now, you can add the permissions to this new group. Which can only be used by this group and if you share these groups permissions via inheritance with another one.

/pex group <groupname> add <permission>

Setting Up Prefixes

PermissionsEx has prefixes built-in to it. Though, you will need the Vault plugin to use this feature.

This is actually quite simple.

You will use the following command to set a prefix:
/pex group <groupname> prefix [newprefix]

You can also format and color code these tags to look nice if you would like.

For example,

Here is a reference image for all the formats and color code.
Format And Color Code Reference

Setting Up Per World Permissions

PermissionsEx also has another feature called world permissions. This will make it so if you set a world name when adding a permission, said user in said group can only use that permission in said world.

Setting this up is actually almost the same process as adding a permission to a group.

You would want to use this variant of the command.

/pex group <groupname> add <permission> [world]

In the option that says [world] is what you will want to replace with your world name.

For example, if you wanted to give the vip group a specific permission just in the nether world, like healing power.
Then you would do the following:
/pex group vip add essentials.heal world_nether

Adding Users To Groups

Now that you have these groups created, you can go ahead and add or set users to these groups.

/pex user <user> group add <groupname>

/pex user <user> group set <groupname>

The diference between the add and sett command is that the add command will just add the group to the user, leaving any other group on them if any.
The set command will set the user to the specified group and remove any other group if any.

Per World Groups

PermissionsEx also has the option for per world groups. All you will need to do is create extra groups that you want only in specific worlds.
Using these groups is very simple, you would just need to add the user to this group for the specific world.

/pex user <user> group add <groupname> [world]

This will be so they can only use the specified permissions in the specific world. Once they switch worlds, they will no longer be able to use that group until they go back to the world.

Removing Users From Groups

Removing users from a group is just as simple as adding them.

All you need to know is this following command:
/pex user <user> group remove <groupname>

Premade permissions.yml file:

      default: true
      prefix: '&7[Default]&r '
    - modifyworld.*
    - essentials.home
    - essentials.home.bed
    - essentials.sethome
    - essentials.delhome
    - essentials.tpa
    - essentials.tpahere
    - essentials.tpaccept
    - essentials.tpdeny
    - essentials.warp
    - essentials.warp.list
    - essentials.warps.*
      prefix: '&7[&bVIP&7]&r '
    - default
    - modifyworld.*
    - essentials.heal
    - essentials.feed
    - essentials.gamemode
      prefix: '&7[&5Mod&7]&r '
    - default
    - modifyworld.*
    - essentials.kick
    - essentials.mute
    - essentials.gamemode
      prefix: '&7[&4Admin&7]&r '
    - mod
    - modifyworld.*
    - essentials.ban
    - essentials.unban
      prefix: '&7[&6Co-Owner&7]&r '
    - '*'
      prefix: '&7[&aOwner&7]&r '
    - '*'
schema-version: 1

That is how to set up PermissionsEx! It is a simple process when done correctly. Hopefully that has helped out! Just contact us on support or chat if you need any help or have questions about this.

Updated on: 06/11/2020

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