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How do I use the LuckPerms web editor?

Getting Started

LuckPerms is an advanced permissions management system. Which all can easily be managed from the LuckPerms WebEditor.
There are only a couple of commands you need to know to use the web editor.

The main command:
/lp editor

The main /lp editor command will open up an editor that allows you to edit groups and online players.

Though you can edit specifics with the web editor.
All groups only
All players only
A specific group
A specific player

To edit all groups, you would want to do:
/lp editor groups

To edit all players, you would want to do:
/lp editor users

To edit a specific group, you would want to do:
/lp group <group> editor

To edit a specific player, you would want to do:
/lp user <user> editor

Of course, replace <group> with the group name and replace <user> with the username.

Using The Web Editor

Adding Permissions:

Adding permissions is quite simple. On the left side bar, you should see a drop down box for groups. Click on it, then click on your group.
Now, you should see a bar on the bottom named Add Permissions. That is where you will enter the permission(s) you want to give the group.
Then click the big + button to add the permission(s).

Creating A New Group:

Creating a new group is also very simple.
On the sidebar, you should see the title groups, along with a round plus button. Click on the plus button.

Now you will want to fill in the different options for creating a new group.

Group Name: The name of the group.
Display Name: What the group will be shown as.
Parent: What group(s) the new group will inherit permissions from.
Weight: The level that this new group is in the order of your groups.
Prefix: The part before the name in chat.
Suffix: The part after the name in chat.

Once you fill in the options, click the green add group button.

Saving Your Edits

To save the changes you made, click the save button to the upper right corner of the page.
Then click on the command to copy it.

Applying The Edit

Go to the server console. Then paste in the command. Though be sure to remove the "/", as console commands do not need the slash.
After you paste it in, hit enter. Then all the edits should show in the console.

Updated on: 06/11/2020

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