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How do I change the level type?

Getting Started

Changing the level-type is fairly simple. You may want to change it for building purposes, or just because you want to.

Different Level Types


Setting The Level Type

To set the level type, you will want to head to the Files drop down tab, then select on the Config Files.
Once on the Config Files page, you will want to click into the Server Settings.

After in the Server Settings, you will want to scroll down to where it says level-type. By default, the default level type is there.
You will want to delete the default, then input which level type you want. After you input the level type, click save and then go back to the home page of your control panel.

On the home page of your control panel, you will want to find the world name box, then input a new world name.

Once you do that, click the save button. Now you will want to restart the server.

Updated on: 01/16/2020

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