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How do I change the MOTD?

Changing your MOTD is very simple. Just follow these simple steps below!

Setting A New MOTD

To set the MOTD, you will want to head to the files drop down tab of the panel. Then select the config files option.
Now, you will want to find the option that says server settings, oftentimes it is the very first on the list.
Then you will want to find the part that says Server Message. You can then replace what is in there by default with what you want.
Once you input what you want it to say, you can scroll all the way to the bottom, then click the big blue save button.
After saving, you will want to restart your server.

Using A Colored MOTD

You can use these color codes in your MOTD to customize it.

For example:
\u00A7bRAMShard \u00A72Server \u00A76Hosting

Color Codes

\u00A70 = Black
\u00A71 = Dark Blue
\u00A72 = Dark Green
\u00A73 = Dark Cyan
\u00A74 = Dark Red
\u00A75 = Purple
\u00A76 = Orange
\u00A77 = Light Grey
\u00A78 = Dark Grey
\u00A79 = Lilac
\u00A7a = Light Green
\u00A7b = Light Cyan
\u00A7c = Light Red
\u00A7d = Pink
\u00A7e = Yellow
\u00A7f = White
\u00A7l = Bold
\u00A7o = Italicized
\u00A7n = Underlined
\u00A7m = Strikethrough
\u00A7k = "Matrix" effect

Updated on: 01/09/2020

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