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How to Install Mods to Your Minecraft Server

Installing mods to your server is quite simple! Though you will firstly need to be sure that your server is running Forge. You will also want to make sure that your server is turned off for this process.

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Once your server is running Forge, you should notice a mods folder. This is where you will add your mods to. Though when you add mods, you will need to be sure that the mod supports your server version.

There are two ways you can upload mods to your server. You can you the built in file manager under the FTP File Access or you are able to use an FTP client.

Using The Built-In File Manager To Upload Mods

You can only upload files that are 16MB or below in size.

Log into your control panel account here: RAMShard Server Control Panel

Stop your server. Although this step is optional, it is highly recommended to prevent issues with the backup.

From the side menu of your control panel, navigate to Files > FTP File Access.

Log into the File Manager by entering your control panel password on the Multicraft Password textbox and clicking the Login button.

From the left sidebar, click Upload.

On the upload page, click on the List button. A popup should appear with a list of directories. Double-click the mods directory, then click Choose.

Once you have selected the mods directory, click the Choose File button under the Files section.

Locate and select the mod you want to install then click Submit.

If the upload is successful, you should get a message similar to the one shown below.

Once the mods are uploaded, you can boot up the server. Though we do suggest starting the server on a new world for the mods.

Using An FTP Client To Upload Mods

Using an FTP client has no file size limit, you are also able to easily upload multiple mods easily.

You will need to have an FTP client already to do this. We suggest using FileZilla.

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Once logged into the FTP of your server. You will want to click into the mods folder. You can then select the mods that you want to upload. You will want to just drag and drop them into the folder on your FTP client.

Once the mods are uploaded, you can boot up the server. Though we do suggest starting the server on a new world for the mods.

Updated on: 04/06/2024

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