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How do I create a timings report?

Getting Started

Be sure to read the instructions, as some parts of the links need to be fixed when going to the timings link you had generated.


Creating a timings report with Spigot is very useful. It can shed light on many parts of your server.
A timings report can help you identify lag, more so narrowing down to what specifically may be causing the lag.


Paper has a built-in timings report from Aikar, which we feel is much more detailed. As there is more information and drop-downs on each.
There are two versions of the timings report. Depending on the version you run your server on, will depend on the the version of the timings you get.

Generating A Report | Spigot

Creating a timings report is very simple. Below, the main command usage is displayed.

/timings <reset|report|on|off|paste>

/timings <reset|report|on|off|verbon|verboff>

To create the timings report, you would want to do.


/timings on

/timings paste

You should get a link that looks similar to this:
For this, you will want to take the last part of the link racorolodu and paste it at the end of this:

So, you would end up with a link looking like this.


/timings on

/timings report

When you do the paste command, you will get a link that looks like this:

In that link, replace d= with ?id= which will make the link look like:

Updated on: 03/13/2020

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