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How do I enable hardcore mode on my server?

What Will Hardcore Mode Do?

Enabling hardcore on your server will automatically override the difficulty on your server.
Making it on hard mode, along with the fact that you cannot respawn once dead.

How Do I Enable Hardcore Mode?

To enable hardcore mode on your server, you will want to head to your FTP File Access. You can get there from the Files drop down box to the left.

Once you are in the FTP File Access, you will want to locate the file. You will want to hit the edit button.

After you are in the file editor, you will want to find the line that says hardcore=false. Remove where it says false and input true.
Be sure it looks like the picture below.

Now that you have set it to true, go ahead and click the blue save button to the upper left. Please also note that you will need to load the server on a new world.
To load up on a new world, you will want to fill in a new name on the world box on the main page of your control panel. Once you fill in the new name, scroll down and click save.

After you set hardcore to true and set a new world name for the server, you can go ahead and restart your server. Once it is loaded up, your server will be in hardcore mode.

Updated on: 01/17/2024

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