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How do I setup voting on my server?

To setup voting on your server, you need to intall two plugins. Nuvotifier is used for vote listening and then Superbvote is used to give the reward to the player who had voted.

You will need to install a plugin called NuVotifier.
Next you will want to install a vote rewards plugin, we suggest using one called Superbvote.

If you need help installing plugins on your server. Please refer to this article, How do I install plugins on my server?

Once you install NuVotifier and Superbvote, be sure to reboot the server so the files are generated.

Now you will want to head to the plugins folder and select into the Votifier folder.

Once in the folder, you will want to open the config.yml file.

If you have not created an additional port, you will need to do that at this time.

You now will want to be sure that on line 3, the IP is set to your numerical IP address of the server.
Also be sure to set line 6 to one of the additional ports you had created.

Note* At times, it will automatically set the host to your numerical IP.

Before Being Configured
After Being Configured

Go ahead and click save on this config file for NuVotifier.

Now you will want to reboot the server for this to take effect.

Now you are going to want to configure the Superbvote rewards.

Head back to your plugins folder and click into the Superbvote folder.

You will now want to open the config.yml file.

From line 32 and below you will see the reward options.

Locate line 46 as that is the default vote rewards.

You are able to add more rewards by adding commands as seen below.

You can also edit the player-message and broadcast from lime 52/53.
Once you have made these changes go ahead and click the blue save button.

Note* Directly above the default voting rewards, you are able to set a permission based vote reward which can be used for donor ranks.

Now that you have everything setup in the files, you will want to test the voting.
You can use a site like MCTools for the testing.

You will now want to enter all your data into this.

You will also need your RSA public key, this can be found from /plugin/Votifier/rsa/public.key

You will want to select the whole key and copy it ( Ctrl + C ).

Now you want to paste all your information into the tester.

You can now click the Send test vote button.
You should see a green box if it was successful.

Taking a look into the console, you should see that a vote had been recieved.

Voting has now been setup on your server. You can now add your server on a vote site for your players to get rewards!

Updated on: 06/11/2020

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