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How do I use EssentialsX chat formatting?

Getting Started

Using EssentialsX chat formatting is an easy way to modify the way that your chat looks like.
In order to use the chat formatting for EssentialsX, you will need to install the EssentialsXChat addon that is included in the ZIP file for EssentialsX.

Configuring The Config

You will want to head to the Files drop down tab, then select the FTP File Access.
After you are on the page, click into the plugins folder, then click into the Essentials folder.

You will see that there are a few files, though you will want to edit the config.yml file.
In the config.yml you will want to scroll down to line 698

You will see this by default:
  #format: '&7[{GROUP}]&r {DISPLAYNAME}&7:&r {MESSAGE}'
  #format: '&7{PREFIX}&r {DISPLAYNAME}&r &7{SUFFIX}&r: {MESSAGE}'

  #  Default: '{WORLDNAME} {DISPLAYNAME}&7:&r {MESSAGE}'
  #  Admins: '{WORLDNAME} &c[{GROUP}]&r {DISPLAYNAME}&7:&c {MESSAGE}'

  # If you are using group formats make sure to remove the '#' to allow the setting to be read.

The # or hashtag makes it a note, not used by the plugin. In order to allow them to be used, you need to remove the #.

You have regular formatting, then you also have group formatting. The way that group formatting works is it will assign the formatting to the group named the same as the format name.
Say you want each group or staff groups to have different formatting, this is where the group formatting with EssentialsX comes in handy.

Changing The Formats

You will notice that all the format(s) are in these: 'format here'
You will want to keep it in the apostrophes. If it is not closed by an apostrophe or does not have it, then the config will break.

When changing the format, you are also able to use color codes.

If you wanted to remove the < > around the usernames, you would just do:

You also will notice, that : has been added, which is very simple. Though if you want to color code it, then that is simple too.

Notice how there is &b though also &r before the message. The reason that is, is so the message does not get colored the same as the :.
The &r reset the color formatting.
format: '{DISPLAYNAME} &b: &r{MESSAGE}'

Though if you wanted to show which group they are in, then you can add the group placeholder.
But, you more likely will want to show the prefix, as usually, the prefix is much nicer.


Here you can see that it will show their prefix before the username.
format: '{PREFIX} {DISPLAYNAME} &b: &r{MESSAGE}'

Though if you wanted to color their username, you would just add it before the name placeholder. No need for the &r, as adding another color code after the word will change it.
format: '{PREFIX} &7{DISPLAYNAME} &b: &r{MESSAGE}'

Now, the same goes for group formats, just be sure you name them after the group name.
As you see, each group has a different color format for the name and the colon.

format: '{PREFIX} {DISPLAYNAME} &b: &r{MESSAGE}'

    Guest: '{PREFIX} &7{DISPLAYNAME} &8: &r{MESSAGE}'
    Member: '{PREFIX} &2{DISPLAYNAME} &c: &r{MESSAGE}'
    Helper: '{PREFIX} &c{DISPLAYNAME} &a: &r{MESSAGE}'
    Admin: '{PREFIX} &4{DISPLAYNAME} &c: &r{MESSAGE}'

After you modify it to how you want, save, and then restart your server.
If you have any questions, just send us a message on our live chat.

Updated on: 06/11/2020

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