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How to Remove an OP Player on Minecraft Java Edition

An operator or OP is a player with access to server and administrator commands in game that can be used to manage or make changes to your Minecraft server.

If you have previously given the OP access to someone and would like to remove this already, you can easily do so various ways.

OPTION 1: Remove an OP via Console

Log in to your control panel account here: RAMShard Server Control Panel
Navigate to the Console from the side menu of your control panel.

Type deop [username] and hit enter or Send. Make sure to replace [username] with a player username.

Removing a player as OP via console

OPTION 2: Remove an OP In-Game

You must be an operator to be able to use the /deop command in-game.

In order to remove someone as operator through an in-game command, type deop [username] and hit enter, replacing [username] with the name of the player you want to remove as operator.

Removing a player as OP in-game

How to OP a Player on Minecraft Java Edition
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Updated on: 04/14/2024

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