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How do I install a modpack to my client using the Twitch installer?

Getting Started

Using Twitch to install modpacks is very useful. The Twitch Launcher has a wide selection of modpack to choose from.
Most modpacks that you will play on Minecraft are likely to be offered on the Twitch Launcher.

On the Twitch Launcher, you will notice a mods tab up to the top. Click on the mods tab, then click into Minecraft.

You will then see three tabs.

My Modpacks
Browse Modpacks
Create Custom Profile

The "My Modpacks" is where your installed modpacks will be listed.
The "Browse Modpacks" will be where you can search for and install modpacks from.
The "Create Custom Profile" is where you can create a custom modpack. Which you can choose specific mods to install on your choice version of Minecraft.

Finding A Modpack

Click on Browse Modpacks, then you will see a dropdown box that says all by default. You can actually sort it by category and other specifics.

Category Sorter

Once you have what you want selected, you can head to the search bar and find the modpack you want. Just type what you want in the search bar.

Now click on the modpack you want, then you can click the install button. Then just let it download all the mod files and finish what it needs to do.
After it is done, you can click play. Then it will load an instance of the Minecraft launcher. You will need to sign in.

After you are signed in, hit play! Then you can enjoy the modpack.

Grabbing The Server Pack

Now, if the modpack has a server pack. You will notice there is a download button for it as well on the page you installed the modpack from.
Click on that and it will open the browser then download the server pack you need.

You can then follow our tutorial on how to install one of these server packs to your server.

How do I upload a CurseForge/Twitch mod pack to my server?

Updated on: 07/01/2020

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