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How do I upload a CurseForge/Twitch mod pack to my server?

Before Uploading

To a mod pack from CurseForge/Twitch is quite simple! You just need some basic knowledge on how to use FTP and how a server works. Though to upload any mod pack, you will need to know how to use an FTP client like FileZilla.

Need help with FileZilla? Check out our tutorial on it! Getting started with FileZilla

Getting Started

Starting off, you will want to find the mod pack you want on the CurseForge site. You can easily search for it using their toolbar.

Often times, with most mod packs there is a server pack that is made.
Basically, a server pack is a modified version of the mod pack you would use on your client. Which would have certain configs modified and or client side mods removed/disabled.

If the mod pack that you want does not have a server pack, you will be able to use the regular mod pack from the download. Though please note that at times, Forge will not automatically disable client side mods, therefore you will need to disable them or contact us for help if you cannot figure it out.

Downloading The Mod Pack

When you either search for your mod pack or find it from the list. You will want to click on the image or the name of it. That will take you to the main page of the mod pack.

Once on said page of said mod pack. You will see a top tool bar, which has a few different options. Though we are just going to worry about the "Files" tab. Go ahead and click on that.
After clicking on the files tab, you should be able to scroll down and see the files. There should be a button titled "+1 Server Pack". You will want to click into the version you want for the pack.

After you download the server mod pack, you will want to extract the ZIP file to your desktop. Once extracted, go ahead and open the folder. You should see an installer type of file. Usually this file is a .bat file, in most cases it is named "installer.bat". As seen below.

Upon running the file, you may be prompted with an option to run or cancel it. Go ahead and click "run" or "yes".

After confirming, you will see a UI pop up, you will want to let it run. After it closes itself, that means that it has completed.

UI Example

Before uploading the files to your server, you will want to delete a few files. Usually the files you will want to remove are the installer files (.bat and .jar) and the .sh files. As seen in the image, these are the files that you usually want to remove. Please also be sure to remove the Forge installer and NOT the universal file.

Uploading The Mod Pack To Your Server

Please note that you will need to use FileZilla to upload the mod pack to your server. Need help with FileZilla? Check out our tutorial! Getting started with FileZilla

Please also note that resetting your server is highly recommended. Please refer to our tutorial for further help with resetting your server. How do I reset my server?

After you have logged into your servers home directory. You will want to select all the files in the folder. Once you select all the files, you can drag and drop the files into the home directory of your server.

After all the files have been transferred to your server. You will want to rename the Forge universal file to "custom.jar".

Once you rename the Forge universal file to "custom.jar". You will want to head to your control panel and set your server to the custom jar server type.

For further help with setting your server on a custom jar, please refer to our support article. How do I use a custom JAR?

After you set your server on the custom jar, all you need to do is start the server. Though some mod packs may require some additional settings to be set. If instructions are not provided in the server pack or you are unsure, please feel free to contact us on our live chat for further assistance!

Updated on: 10/17/2020

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