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How do I setup Dynmap?

To install Dynmap, you will want to search for the Dynmap plugin if not already installed.

This can be done from the control panel with the Plugin List.

You will want to go ahead and install the version for your server.

After installation, you can reboot your server so the plugin files are generated.

To use the Dynmap webpage, you will need to have an extra port.
You will now want to setup an addition port if you have not. How do I create an extra port?

Now you will want to configure the webpage for Dynmap.
Click into the plugins folder and then the Dynmap folder.

You will then want to open the configuration.txt file.

You will want to scroll down to lines 314 and 317.
From there, you will want replace on line 314. to your servers numerical IP address.
On line 317, you will want to change 8123 to one of your extra ports you had generated.

Once this has been completed, go ahead and click save.

You will now want to reboot your server.
Upon starting, Dynmap will bind to the IP and port you had inputted.

You will then be able to access the Dynmap webpage.

You would put a version of the following in your browser address bar.

Updated on: 06/11/2020

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