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How do I install any Forge version to my server?

This will cover how to install a custom Forge version to your server. You will need to get the files from the Forge site.

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Forge Site Link:

We suggest fully resetting your server if you plan to install this, though is not absolutely needed for an install.

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The first thing you will want to do when installing this is to set the server to run on a custom jar.

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Now that you have set and saved your server to run on a custom jar file. You will want to go to the Forge site and locate the version and build of Forge you want and or need.
You will want to select the installer. If on Windows you can use the Windows installer if available.

You will want to create a temporary directory on your desktop. Then go ahead and open the Forge installer. You will want to select install server. Then to the bottom, you will see a ... button. Click it and select the temporary directory you had made on your desktop.

Go ahead and click OK. This will install the Forge server files needed.
Once that finishes, you will want to open up FileZilla to upload these files to your server. You will want to upload all the Forge server files to the home directory of the server.

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Upon the uploading being completed, you will want to locate the Forge jar file.
You will need to rename it to custom.jar. As you set the server to run on custom.jar.

Now that you have renamed the Forge jar to custom.jar, you will want to head back to your control panel and hit the start button.

That is how you install any Forge version you want onto your server. Please let us know if you need any further help with this

Updated on: 08/22/2019

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